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The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.

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Media Training:

  • How prepared are your executives to handle media interviews - both positive and hostile?
  • Do your spokespeople know what they should and, more importantly, shouldn't say publicly?
  • Do your executives stay "on message" about the company when talking to all stakeholders?

Third Avenue Media Training is a bespoke training firm offering key message development and media training and awareness for executives who want to clearly communicate to all stakeholders and who are conscious of their public image.

We believe that traditional "media training" is only part of the equation. Our clients are savvy, reputation-aware and acutely mindful that all stakeholder communication, whether it is to the media, shareholders, clients, peers or internally focused, must be led by the confident delivery of clear and consistent key messages.

Our training program comprehensively coaches executives on the media landscape, interview techniques and dealing with journalists. We place strong emphasis on tailored key message creation to boost overall communication by providing clarity, focus and precision.

Why media and key message training?

  • To understand how the media and journalists work
  • To lessen fears about what to expect
  • To effectively deliver key messages and tell your story
  • To present a clear, consistent story for your business
  • To treat all media interviews as marketing opportunities
  • To highlight the dangers of "winging it"
  • To be comfortable, confident and manage nerves
  • To get the best outcome from your media coverage.

The modern workplace, coupled with an explosion in media channels and a 24/7 media environment, demands that key executives develop strong communication skills so they can effectively present their story to key stakeholders. Media interviews, public speaking, networking events, social media, staff meetings and even social events are all marketing opportunities to promote your company's brands and vision.

Third Avenue Media Training develops and enhances professional communication skills to ensure executives deliver the right message every time.


Your trainer is Rochelle Burbury, who has 20 years experience as a journalist and editor and has been a media trainer for more than a decade.

Rochelle Burbury
Rochelle Burbury has more than 25 years' experience as a journalist, editor, media trainer and PR professional. As a business journalist and editor, Rochelle has written on media, marketing, advertising, consumer trends, retail and general business. Rochelle began her career at media, advertising and marketing journal B&T Magazine, where she was promoted to Editor. She then joined The Sydney Morning Herald as Media & Marketing Editor, followed by The Australian in a similar role. Before establishing her own PR consultancy Access PR, Rochelle was Media & Marketing Editor at The Australian Financial Review, where she also wrote for AFR BOSS and the AFR Magazine. In 2011, Rochelle sold Access PR and in 2012 worked with AdNews magazine as Consulting Editor. She established public relations firm, Third Avenue Consulting, in 2013. Rochelle is a former Board member of the International Advertising Association (IAA) and a mentor with Legends & Leaders. Rochelle has judged B&T Awards, PANPA Newspaper of the Year Awards, AdNews Awards, Mumbrella Publish Awards and Mumbrella CommsCon Awards.

Please contact Third Avenue for further information.

Example agendas:

1: On-Camera Interviews and Media Awareness

  • Interview preparation and techniques
  • On-camera mock media interview with critique and review of presentation skills
  • Understanding your audience and how you want to change them
  • How best to get a journalist's attention.
  • How to build relationships with journalists
  • When things go wrong

2: Key Messaging

  • What key messages are and why they're important
  • Techniques on how to use key messages
  • Key message brainstorming session specific to your business
  • Development/refinement of key messaging for print, broadcast and digital media

3: How the Media Works

  • Understanding what the media wants
  • The modern newsroom, changing news cycles and news gathering, story pitching, what the media wants (and doesn't want) from you.
  • The changing media landscape
  • Real life examples of good and bad media management
  • Building productive relationships with journalists
  • Avoiding the pitfalls - do's and don'ts with the media